Finding out which WordPress theme a site is using.

Many times we stumble upon a wonderful looking blog but can’t help and wonder if we could replicate the same for our own blog.

So if you are a beginner and have chosen to go ahead with WordPress as your CMS and you still are searching for a nice theme that you would like to decorate your blog or website with, you have landed on the right place.​

Today​ most of the medium and small scale businesses use Content management systems to power their blogs, as it's easier to maintain and you don't need to hire a tech team  .

And I am quite sure if you are maintaining your website or blog on your own you almost certainly are using WordPress.

​At-least the statistics say that !!

So the debate is settled. WordPress is the undisputed champion among Content management systems and some of the most influential bloggers use it.

So let's dig in and find if that favourite blog of yours uses WordPress or not.

 First things first if you want to be sure if a site is using wordpress as CMS

1 . Checking the source code

It is the most reliable and old school way to get information about CMS. All you have to do is right click on the page and view source code.

You can search for wordpress or wp-content and if wordpress is being used you will get a positive result.

35 instances of wordpress indicate that tech crunch is powered by wordpress

2 . License.txt

You might not always be lucky, but if you postfix license.txt with the website URL you may land on the wordpress license file.

adding license.txt to the URL shows the wordpress license

3 . wp-admin

The admin area of wordpress as you know can be accessed only if you hit the URL with /wp-admin. Although sites with tough security measures might hide or block this page but you can give it a try.

Admin login form of the new york times

4 . Chrome sniffer

If you install Chrome sniffer on your chrome browser all the all the information about themes and plugins, web frameworks and also the web servers.

The plugin is a must have as it presents all the vital information about a website the moment you hit enter after typing the URL.

A must have plugin for a web designer even if you don't use wordpress

5 . Builtwith

You simply need to login to and type the website URL. You will get more information than you need. It tells you about the CMS and the plugins used, but you can also get information about the advertising network used, content delivery network, web servers used etc.

You might not require all this technical information right now but if you plan to be an internet entrepreneur and plan to do more online in future it helps to know what technologies other established players are using. Chrome sniffer and Builtwith help with just that.

With the help of the resources mentioned above you definitely will be able to confirm if a website runs on wordpress. Although none of the methods are foolproof. As websites and blogs expand they strengthen their security procedures.

For example 6 months ago you could have accessed license.txt page of bbc america’s blog but not today.

Screen shots taken of licence.txt of BBCamerica. The file as seen on the left side was visible but Page was blocked in early 2016.

Although the site is still powered by WordPress as we check the source code.

To detect theme and plugins of the site your one stop shop is

 WPtheme detector

Just paste the URL of the site you want to know about and instantaneously you are told about the WordPress theme being used and the detected plugins.You get to know name of the child theme and whether the plugin used is premium or free.

So next time if you liked the social sharing buttons on a website running on wordpress you can investigate the name and author or plugin and download it for yourself

The humble contact form

If nothing else is working you can always contact the owner of the blog. If you genuinely like the theme and the blog and contact the owner for details they do revert back.

I have contacted owners of my favorite blogs and almost all of them have been helpful. Besides the technical know how I have been given some tips on blogging as well. So don’t be shy write an email with your queries chances are that you will get a reply. 

Another easy and hassle free way to have a similar layout as any of a popular website in a niche is to search for a clone theme. There are online resources catering to your specific needs.

You can google for a clone themes available for your need as you can find a clone theme matching almost all famous blogs and websites today.

So now you know that you don’t require a web designer to design you blog, if you are on wordpress you have thousands of themes and plugins to choose from, And you can design website of your dreams with a very little or no coding expertise.

So go ahead and get your content online and yourself online.

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