7 smart ways to add a spark to your writing

Ok you must have researched a lot already and found many articles telling you how you can become a better writer.

Some deep and intense stuff telling you to read and write everyday like a pro.

This article is not going to help you improve your writing skills or make a Stephen King out of you.

No absolutely not.​

7 smart ways to add a spark to your writing

You will learn some quick tips to remove the rough edges and shine your skills.

I will discuss and share a few hacks which will spice up your articles and polish your posts.

Tricks (for bloggers only) that will make your boring posts more reader friendly.​

So lets transform your posts right away by following these quick tips.


#1  Build sentences in your head before writing them

A basic tip which many of us neglect. Revise the sentence in your head before you write it.

I had a habit/instinct of copying an idea straight on my laptop screen without translating it into words in my head.

Why not build a sentence in our minds before making it public.

It works especially if you are not a native speaker and otherwise too.

cretae a sentence in your head before you actually write it

Make a conscious effort and you will realise how frustrating it is when you are unable to build sentences.

​But there will be an instant shift in readability and you will be spending lesser time editing the final draft.

#2 Read a little before you sit down to write

Read some epic content before you pen some epic content of yours. This works in creating an ambiance and setting the mood.

Ok forget EPIC just read something.

Just like they dim lights and put on romantic music at candle lit dinners, a good read before you sit down to write sets the mood.

I don’t restrict myself to a niche but read anything that pleases mood.​

have a light reading session before you sit down to write

A light read is just like a stroll in the garden for your mind. It tunes your thoughts and helps you write better.

Just a bit of inspiration is what we require and a 10 minute session invested in reading can help you bring the best out.

#3 Keeping it short and sweet

Keep your sentences short.

Keep the paragraphs short too.

Try to manufacture sentences which are less than 15 words.

Especially if you are not a professional writer you should give this tip some serious though.

Longer sentences end up confusing the readers.

Write crisp sentences and don’t worry about the length of your articles.​

Just keep it short

I used to write irrelevant sentences just to fill up and create a long post with 2000 words.

If you too think longer posts work better you need to reconsider.​

Don’t beat yourself up by keeping a close eye on the number of words.

Just write dense, information rich articles which will serve value to your readers.

#4 Don't be linear, build a structure and build on it.

It’s important to not to it at one go. Before writing a piece of content build a structure for your post.

An introduction, a body and a conclusion.

Play along don't get too serious​

Fill in bits and pieces points and quotes which will use in the final draft.​


You can draft a conclusion before you even start writing the opening line.

The only objective being to keep the process fun and zingy.

I follow a two tyre process of writing a post. I first make a cloud diagram of all that I want to include in my article.​

After this I get all my headings and subheadings sorted and write my post.

It works as a brainstorming routine and I never fall short of ideas.

5# Don’t copy another writer’s voice, you don’t even need to     develop one

I write only because
There is a voice within me
That will not be still

Sylvia Plath, Letters Home

You can always develop a voice and I highly recommend doing that. But you already have your voice.

Everyone has a unique personality and style.

have a voice of your own

Don’t try to copy a style follow your own. Why???

Because it’s unique to you and have developed it over the years unknowingly.

Finding or developing a voice is a must as the unique voice of yours is what keeps readers coming back to you.

Everything like post length, SEO, digital marketing kept aside what actually helps you build a Cult blog is your distinctive voice.

#6 Poetry is chicken soup for the soul

Poems are free from boundations of grammar, context and sentence structure. Reading masterpieces of Rumi and other philosophers pacifies the mind and does help me think better.

You will also be able to express yourself better and become better at creative thinking.

Poetry is chicken soup for soul

To be a good writer you need to feed your subconscious too and will do just that.

Just like music everyone has a taste in poetry too. Find poet of your choice, as there will be one.

​Learn the art of setting yourself free with your writing, only then can you capture the hearts of readers.

#7 Use Power words

Shower some powerwords

If only your writing can evoke emotions and subsequently motivate readers to take action.

Intensify your writing with power words.

Words which kill the boring and give a punch to your writing.​

Influencers have been using them and it’s high time for you to leverage them.

Let’s look at an example of an excerpt from a famous speech laced with power words.

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Winston Churchil

All quotes and influencing speeches rest on the pillars of power words. Use them wisely to enhance your writing.

I rest my case. These are my 7 seven golden rules which I have written on a paper and pasted on my writing desk.

You don’t have to develop new habits, just implement the tips listed above.

A great blog post is about giving value to the reader with clarity. Writing is just a skill like any other which can be developed overtime.

Don’t hustle stay calm, start reading a bit more and you will do just fine.​

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