Tips for transforming from a newbie to a pro blogger

After starting a blog almost every waking hour is spent refreshing google analytics. Every single view counts.

When tasks are done the way they are supposed to be done and still progress is slow you surely are missing a trick or two.

​Passion and purpose give you the drive to sit and write but professionalism will help you steer forward

There is a lot of competition today and there is no niche which has not been explored.​

A disciplined approach is the demand if you want to be a successful blogger and dream of being a professional in the field.

In this post will focus on just that and help you on your goal to become a professional blogger​

#1 . ​Stay awake and stay alert

Being a professional you must always must be on your toes. Relax It does not mean that you have to keep thinking about the next blog post all through the day

Instead you have to capture and preserve any Idea that might strike while you are jogging, cooking or indulging in any other activity that might stimulate your brain.​

It’s been a habit with many successful people of carrying a notepad since centuries. Likes of Pablo Picasso, Issac Newton and JD Rockfeller kept one.​

Thomas a Edison's to do list

One of Hemingway’s first notebooks. Made in 1908 while he was in elementary school. “I intend to travel and write.”

Today lives have been made simpler with technology. You don’t need to carry a pad and a pen

When you have free apps like Evernote and onenote.

I personally use google drive scribbling any creative sparks that can transform into material for my blog post or any other future venture.

This single habit will help you build a buffer of ideas on which you can work on future and if you complain sometimes of not having any inspiration for the next post you can always scroll through the list you have created.

#2. making a plan and creating a drafts for the future.

​The most important thing to consider before going pro is the fact that only if you are consistent with your blog people will stick with you.

Have a plan for for writing.

No need to publish a post per day or even 2 per week, even if you publish a post per week do that but be consistent with it.

Key takeaway being consistency. 

To do that you need to plan your posts in advanced and keep content handy even if you don't feel like sitting with your laptop for a particular week.​

Enter your text here...

For instance I write two posts a week that too on sunday while I keep jotting down random ideas which I get all throughout the week.​

#3. keep a check on the size and use some catchy titles

​On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.
—David Ogilvy

We all smile or sometimes even laugh at those witty taglines that we saw on a billboard on a highway or on an advertisement on Television. A tag line can a product

Our Blogs being same .​

#4. Social Media Essentials​

Social media is there so for you to use it. You must killing a lot of time already on facebook, twitter and youtube and there are millions like you who do the same each day.

After setting up a blog and publishing around 10 posts a blogger should split up his time evenly on promotional activities and writing.

I have seen bloggers who have great content and a wonderful design but clumsy facebook pages and not existent social share buttons.

Google must be bringing in the bulk of traffic but social media will help you build a community and a fanbase. Also according to a report Facebook now drives more traffic to publishers on‘s network as compared to google.​

It's a ​hidden fact that sites such as viralnova and buzzfeed are build on models which leverage facebook alone to drive traffic to their sites.

Facebook draws more traffic to new websites as compared to google

A social share plugin is a must have, there are many free ones out there for you too choose from.

Having a social media strategy is a must as there are thousands of wonderfully written blogs out there.

But They remain undiscovered because of a non existent presence on the social network.

So keep your presence updated.

#5. The email list

Have you ever wondered why most of the blogs you visit have a very prominent “subscribe me” Box on the homepage.

Why everybody is giving away free ebooks in exchange of your email ID.

It’s because they want you to stay hooked.

Email lists have been one of the oldest and most reliable friend of a blogger. They have existed since the very start.

If a person loves the content you share and is looking forward for more updates he/she will subscribe.

A healthy subscriber list shows credibility of the blogger. An email list is great tool to build a brand and assures you have a regular inflow of traffic.

Today email marketing seems medieval specially when we have Facebook, twitter and other social sites.

But hey Even facebook has your email id and sends you updates and news there.

So building a subscriber list is the basics when it comes to internet marketing

The infographic above proves that Email marketing is still alive and kicking and rules the roost when it comes to marketing techniques for your blog.

Also creating an email list is not rocket science

there are free client like aweber and mailchimp which let you create your subscriber list and you can switch to paid versions once the list grows.

#6 . Ebooks and PDFs

it can either be an ebook or a bunch of infographics bundled together in a clean package. If you offer a new subscriber something of value at the very beginning it will surely help you retain the reader.

If you blog on photography you could create an ebook teaching basics of operating a DSLR.

A food blogger can publish a guide on best places to eat in a city.

Possibilities are limitless. A book or a guide however small it may be establishes you as an authority.

You could even start with collating your best posts and putting them together for a monthly magazine

You can monetize by publishing more refined editions of the free book if you get a large reader base.

Besides being free for your readers publishing an ebook is free for you too.

#7. The blogger’s Network:

It’s been twenty years since the first blog went online. Since then numbers have grown exponentially. Today it’s even easier to interact with fellow bloggers with social media at your peril.

Stay connected appreciate other bloggers if you like a post by commenting.

Writing guest posts and inviting others to write for your website makes a blog more diverse as there is a change in voice and you are able to reach out to a larger audience.

You can also join one of the several forums online where bloggers from around the world gather and discuss new tech and everything else about blogging, this mashable article might be of  help.

It may seem but blogging is not a solo activity. It's not a personal diary, you want your thoughts to be read by real people and to do that interacting with others who are trying to do the same will help.

These very basic things can be difficult to implement but if you try and inculcate these into your lifestyle you surely will succeed as a blogger and if you ​also like most of us dream of quitting that day job one day and make a living out of your blog

​these tips will start showing results from the very first week or month when you implement these.

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