Staying motivated to blog

When you started a blog you, you knew nothing but the fact that you had to build your blog and a community around it.

The idea of working for ourselves is always enticing and that’s what keeps the flame burning

But sometimes when the traffic is thin and the attention we garner is not the same as we anticipated we get lost and start questioning ourselves.

It seems that we are transmitting all the information into a blank space.

Sitting in front of a blank screen with a blank mind we don’t feel like continuing with what we once thought was our passion.

If you too are experiencing the same symptoms or do feel same every time you think of writing a post ,you like all the others feel

A phase when writing becomes a task and the brain seems to drained of all the creative juices

Which were abundant once.

Starting a new journey is always exciting. The initial rush of immersing ourselves into something new is infectious. But it withers away with time and we almost always end up at the starting point.

Let’s explore this drug called motivation which we all need at some point of time.

What is motivation and why do we need a daily fix

What's the big deal with motivation. Why can’t we just do what we know we have to do. Although I know that it’s a phase and I am a passionate person but still I am unable to convince my mind to do so.

According to dictionary

Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.

So the dictionary definition also confirms that motivation is not something permanent. You have to keep on pumping motivation to keep a person continually interested in a job.

​It’s absolutely fine even if you don’t feel motivated to do something which you are passionate about once in awhile.

Motivation vs Inspiration

Can you go back to the precise moment in time when you decided you wanted to start a blog.

What was the reason?

What pushed you out of your couch to start an account on a blogging platform?

What inspired you to take the plunge?

I hope I didn’t confuse you after all the talk about motivation.

While motivation is an external force which drives you.Inspiration guides you to your destination.

Although it is easy to motivate a person or get motivated by ourselves the difficulty comes in finding the inspiration.

A lot of people travel or read extensively to find the purpose or inspiration.

Inspiration is something which is permanent while motivation is temporary.

Maybe that’s the precise reason why we have motivational speakers but not inspirational, we need to go out and find the motivation ourselves.

Inspiration is a pull but motivation is a push

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​There is a reason why this article is titled blog motivation and not blog inspiration. I am quite sure you're inspired enough to blog that’s how you googled and found this article but you do require a dose of motivation like everyone else.

Relax take a deep breathe

Once in a while you might feel exhausted. If you have been working like a machine and considering your blog an ATM you are on a path to disappointment.

Initially when I saw bloggers whose blogs were about their lifestyle and how I could have that.

I was blown away thinking this is it I have found my true calling.

But then I never knew the amount of hard work and the number of hours that went into building a brand. 

I started wrote a post a day, Compromising quality for quantity.

So I was doing all the hard work putting in cutting down on my social life, not spending time with family.

That left me exhausted and I started to doubt even if I wanted to continue.

The lesson that I learnt

We are humans. To churn out quality material for your blog you don’t have to think and sit on your laptop for hours waiting for insipration.

Instead go out engage with friends and family.

Have experiences which can help you stimulate your mind.

Overnight success are rare and if possible difficult to sustain. 

Do remember why you started a blog.

Have a strong motivation apart from financial benefits that you are thinking of .

Think of your blog like a plant which you have to water and nourish everyday. You cannot expect fruits from very first day.

Building a brand is an exercise in itself when it being a blogger.

Don’t stress out if your readers are scarce let your blog breathe. Supply quality content

A brand which is build organically sustains over a longer period of time and has a much higher probability of being a success.​

Daily motivation

As you must know by now motivation is required at regular intervals to keep you going.

The key takeaway being motivation has to be infused into our systems daily.

I do keep few quotes handy and have bookmarked sites providing motivational pictures and quotes which keep me aligned on my path towards my goal.

I make sure to tune my mind each day while travelling to work.​

I listen to some really helpful podcasts which feed my subconscious and keep me positive.

I would recommend these to you

Michael hyatt’s this is your life podcast teaches you to be fine tune your life with help of some techniques that have powered Michael himself to become a successful entrepreneur that he is today

​Smart passive income is an amazing podcast from Pat Flynn where Patt talks about generating passive income sources so that we can work today and reap the benefits later.

Ziglar show Hosted by Kevin Hart Ziglar show takes the teachings from life of one of the most prolific motivational speakers ever Zig Ziglar. Ziglar show like the two podcasts mentioned above has wonderful lineup of guests and speakers who will surely enlighten you and make you think.

So don’t shy away from nourishing your mind with Vitamin M(otivation) daily.

La familia

Blogging community is big and diverse.

​There are forums, networking sites and frequent meetups.

​Go out and interact with your peers, Many think of blogging as a solo job, where you are only in a relationship with your laptop and numerous cups of 

caffeine which you consume when you sit down to write

But building a community is as important as content quality.

​Afterall we are social beings and discussing problems and ideas with fellow bloggers helps us.

Stay inspired and sane.

As a new blogger when I started doubting blogging as a hobby which could help me with extra income.

​I found a wonderful community of bloggers online. I met amazing people who suggested designs for my blog and provided an assurance that I was not facing any unique hurdles

I found people who were starting out like me and experienced bloggers who were professionals Thought being with each interaction you take away something

You might get to​ know about an awesome plugin which can boost your SEO rankings or simple make friends for life.

Stimulate the brain

A scientifically proven fact

​The mind needs to be stimulated to produce ideas and thoughts.

​Ever wondered why artists and painters would wander off to untouched natural landscapes to produce a masterpiece

or why do the a random though that might occur to you while jogging can inspire you to pen down your next superhit post.

If you want to stay creative you will have to kill the monotony.

On the days which you don’t feel like writing or are devoid of any ideas try going for a walk or a jog. Take a shower or simple cook if you enjoy doing that.

If you already have decided to sit down and write do that at a local cafe instead of your study.

The point being if we keep doing mundane and everyday tasks our mind will set it limits and won’t think beyond those.

Our experiences shape up our life and enrich our skills storytelling or writing being one of them.

The more you experience or interact with the surroundings by tuning your work environment and not following a strict schedule keeps the creative juices flowing.

So try not to sit down and write when you don’t feel like.​

​Write your heart out

You can't just churn high quality information rich content every day.

Give yourself a break!!!!!

Write about something fun and off the topic. Your subscribers will love to know more about you. 

You are  human so are your readers and everyone requires a change.

​Don't become an information dispenser Give your blog a personality.   

Keep yourself and the readers guessing and enjoy the process of blogging.

Remember the purpose

​Oh yes we have indeed come a full circle in this post. Staying inspired and always knowing the purpose why you started this blog will keep you inspired hence on track.

Now if you were inspired by all the people who told you your blog can be your money making machine you are not on the correct path.

If you stop making money today you definitely will quit blogging tomorrow. Money can be a strong motivation but it cannot inspire you.

Find a purpose if you still don’t have any and you will enjoy the practice without any fatigue.

The final verdict

A lot of us take blogging too seriously with SEO experts and marketing gurus telling us to monetize our blogs from the first day

Most crumble under the pressure forgetting why they started their blog.

So stay true to yourself money is a big motivation but find a niche and a purpose for you blog and get your mojo back.

Hope you enjoyed the piece and will be more energized and motivated the next time you sit down and write a post.


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