5 Marketing basics for bloggers you cannot ignore

​Getting hold of the basics

You must have read a lot and watched hundreds of videos up till now, learning many new concepts like SEO, digital and affiliate marketing.

Google will show you a lot of wonderful websites which will guide you on setting up your Facebook and twitter accounts and getting started with email- marketing.

marketing basics for new bloggers

All's good but a few basics can help you propel your rankings and popularity.

It is a high probability that you already know the basic ingredients for a popular blog listed below.

But somehow you have managed to ignore them up till now.

In my initial blogging days I did almost everything write but could not get the desired attention to my blog.

I consciously made a list and made sure I did what I needed to do.

Lets's get started then.

 ​Aesthetics matter (A LOT)

Making sure you have a beautiful design

There a million blogs out there and even if your niche is an exclusive one you still have atleast a few thousand cometitors.

But what most of the blogs on the web lack is and authoroity blogs have is a  design strategy. 

Beauty has inspired poets and writers for centuries. Similarly a sturdy well designed blog will inspire your readers to take action.

You are more likely to buy from an affiliate link of a well designed site as it looks more legit.

The real problem is that most of us are not good with creating better designs for our blogs.

We know something needs to be done but never sure about what.

To combat this dilemma you can buy a premium theme or follow a simple theme till you decide to buy one.

A Tip

Keep contrasting colors. If you are unable to decide the colour scheme keep the background white and the text black.

Working with the darkest and the lightest shades pushes out the confusion and ad clarity to the blog design.

For instance these two sites follow the same principles and come out with flying colours (goinswriter.com and justagirlandherblog.com)

a clean and clear blog design helps
yet another image depicting a beautiful design

Takeaway being keep your design simple not too flashy write with big fonts with the darkest colors to get higher conversions. beauty lies in simplicity (take a que from apple.com)

Reinvent with Panache​

Blogger's laboratory

No matter what niche you target there will always be a chance that all that you have to say has been said and written about before.

You can always find a blog post already written about iphone photography tricks,SEO tips or writing your first novel.

Be smart and analyse the posts and articles that have been already written. Check the ones which rank higher and why do they rank high.

Track the keywords which the top 5 google search results use.

Analyse the content written by authority blogs ​and how does your post differ.

It's a case study for you before you pen the final draft

The Tip

why few get all the shares and the search engine love and others get lost?

Make a habit of analyzing the posts already written.

This will fast track your learning process about SEO, digital marketing and other aspects of blogging.  

Inspire and aspire

How can you inspire your audience to take action?

By introducing an element of aspiration.

Aspirational marketing has been a big thing in the developing countries like India and China where more than half of the consumers fall in this category

You can spot these people around you who can be found on shopping sites reading reviews and scanning inventories for hours even if they are not planning to buy the product or the service anytime soon.

I still remember the opening of Starbucks in New Delhi, all though we have many wonderful indigenous coffee places there was a maddening frenzy outside the Starbucks. Also the day

H&M opened their maiden store in New Delhi there was a mad rush to get in .

marketeers use aspirational marketing to influence sentiments of consumers

These brands have succeeded in capturing our imagination and we all want a piece of them.

So just don't keep writing about the tools and techniques, tips and tricks but glam up your blog by writing new product launches and a tool or service which has a high aspirational value​.


It’s difficult to create an online product or frenzy with a blog or a website! So what can a blogger do?

The best thing is to inspire people. Even if we touch on those aspirations with our writing people will be drawn towards our work.

Reviews help a lot, a guide or how to on a popular camera or a mobile attracts eyeballs.

Youtubers like Marques Brownlee and Unbox therapy are examples of that.

Humanize your Website

Marketing yourself to promote your product or service is a crucial tip.

your presence matter as it's a proven technique to increase user trust. An opt in stands a better chance of converting if a human face invites people to sign in.

I noticed a significant change by introducing my face inviting people to sign up for the newsletter.

I recorded a growth in conversion rate of about 10%.

I recorderd an increase of about 10% in my conversion rate

You don't want to come across your blog as robotic and impersonal.​ Letting people know that you are not a big evil organisation but a passionate person just like them helps you create a bond with readers.

Since the day I realized this I have plastered my face and story on every page of my blog. 

The result being my blog started growing organically.

I would scratch my head and bite my nails wondering where I went wrong with my SEO and digital marketing, not realizing that I had failed to create a relationship of trust with my readers.

Some of the biggest and most loved organisations have adopted this strategy.

Apple is synonymous with Steve Jobs​. Richard Branson markets himself to promote his companies.

Examples are all around.​

If you look at blogs such as kissmetrics and a girl and her blog you will understand the meaning of personal branding.

Neil Patel makes sure that people know about him and the authority he commands before they actually read his blog.

Similarly Abby Lawson presents her story helping herself connect to the readers at a very personal level.


Forge a realationship with readers, It will help you convert better. Putting a little effort in building your personal brand along with your blog's willl help you sell better and create a reader base for anyother blog you might want to start or a book that you plan to write in future.

So invest in humanizing your website.

  • Create a warm inviting about us page. If you are a blogger without a team it would be better to rename the page to about me.
  • Invest in a portfolio if you are unable to click sharp pictures of yourself. It is a small invest that has potential to 
  • Add writer bio and do include pictures of people who are associated with you and write for you. Be transparent.
  • Stories help sell products and have a high engagement quotient. Tell stories which help people digest information.
  • In the end your readers are humans, your subscribers are humans, and your associates are humans.

    Why not show that you're are a human too!! 

Engage like a pro

increase user engagment

User engagement lies at the base of any marketing strategy be it an offline or an online business.

​Companies organise fetes, launches and sponsored events to increase customer engagement.

There is a lot that can be done to increase user engagement as a blogger.​ I would like to categorize this into onsite and offsite engagement.

Onsite Engagement​

  • A picture speaks a thousand words. You already know that. Why not include some GIFs. GIFs use the same compression as a .jpg file and have 70% more engagement than a image
  • You might have a superhit post in your stable driving bulk of the traffic, why not leverage it and write a part two. 
  • You do get a build in commenting system with with WordPress but I would recommend you to upgrade it to Disqus. It's easy to use and you can login from multiple platforms.
  • A quiz or a pole engages people so use it as there are many wordpress plugins to help with that.

OFFsite Engagement

  • Webinars help your blog reach the next level. Once you have a big enough subscriber base you can conduct webinars. Build an authority and establish trust with webinars. 
  • Host a few giveaways coupons T Shirts( if you are a bit generous) once in  awhile. We all love free things and people who give them away. Hence a giveaway can generate a lot of positive buzz
  • That's all folks!!!

I knew you knew almost everything listed above but didn't implement  or were to lazy to do so

So give a few of the strategies listed above a shot and improve your game.

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