Hostgator hosting and WordPress setup tutorial

​After deciding on starting a blog the first thing that a beginner is challenged by is setting up their their blog.

I have struggled with it that's why I say so.

Sit back and  relax as here is a tutorial for setting up your blog post from the scratch with hostgator on WordPress.

​so lets get started !!!

Why Hostgator

I personally recommend hostgator as I started my blogging journey with hostgator.

I bought my domain name and the first hosting account on hostgator and since than I have stuck to it for a few reasons.

  • Guarantees an uptime of 99.9% In the past 3 years I have never faced any issues
  • Amazing support system as they have a 24 hour helpline, a chat and mail based system setup as well.
  • No contracts, monthly options. You can terminate the services when you want
  • In Depth tutorials on SEO and other tech. Also they have a easy to use control panel  where you can setup multiple email accounts, setup wordpress,transfer files and do a lot more.
  • Plus it's one of the biggest and oldest hosting companies out there so that makes it trustworthy 

Getting a domain name

For registering your domain name just select a plan of your choice (I would recommend hatching plan to start of)

hostgator domain registration

After you click sign up you will be redirected to a page where you can check the domain availability and select a domain name of your choice. No rocket science here.

Hosting plan

As suggested earlier there are three plans hatchling, baby and professional. I assume that you are starting a blog of your own so you can select the hatchling plan as it's the cheapest one and has all the features you require.

Also you have options to subscribe for monthly billings or a bulk payment of for 36 months.

hostgator hosting plans

If you choose to get billed monthly you pay around $10.95 /month but if you chose to pay for 36 upfront you pay $3.95 /month.

So choose your plan as per your long term goals​.

​Just enter you billing information and you are ready to check out.

Once you checkout you will be sent a welcome mail to your inbox along with your control panel link, login ID and password.​

hostgator welcome mail

​Get a discount of 25%  by using code zing25 when you sign up for  Hostgator hosting

Installing WordPress

After logging into your control panel click on the hosting tab.

Hostgator gives you an option between quick install and manually installing WordPress but we will go ahead and try the quick install option.

click on the quick install

Now on the next screen click on install wordpress box and you will be directed to another page

click on install WordPress

Now click on install WordPress 

click on install button

Now fill in your website details as per example below and click the submit button. Refresh your website URL and you are done. 

fill in the details and click submit

That's it simple isn't it!!!

Now just login into the wordpress admin panel with the password provided and you are ready to go.

Apart from this hostgator customer portal is a user friendly console where you can learn a lot more about your blog in terms of analytics, folder structure and lots more.

Visit for more information.

Congratulations on setting up a new blog and happy blogging.​


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