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You have already started with your blog or at least thought of starting one. 

Whatever may be your reasons blogging is still a great tool to build influence or just express thoughts and views.

I started out because of my passion of indian history and vintage photography fascinated me.

Eventually I started out this blog as I got to know about the tools and tricks and my eagerness to share my learnings with everyone who wants to start a blog of their own.

But if you are finding it difficult to decide what should be your niche and what will keep you ticking even after writing fifty posts you will find out soon.

Obviously with this guide on what you should blog about!!!​

 #  Blog about a hobby or subject for which you will never run out of content​

If you have a hobby or something that you love to do each day you don't need to look further.

Writing on a niche that excites and motivates you will make sure that you never run out of content and keep you hooked to writing.

You will look forward to blog and the blog will be your stress buster and go to place when bored.

Many successful bloggers did just that .​

minimilist.com is one such blog which was born out of the urge of others to spread the word about a concept which they believed in and in corporated as a lifestyle.

    Another interesting blog which caters to a very specific niche is mrandmrs55.com.

They are two Harvard students who love old hindi songs and Cinema. They translate lyrics of old songs into english so that enthusiasts who find want to learn more about urdu and hindi poetry can do that.

If there is something that drives you don't think twice and start a blog.

A niche you know almost everything about

Another cool niche would be blogging about hacks from your workplace. If  you are a graphic designer you can blog about creating designs with illustrator and all the online tools that are available.

If a plumber you can write about all the hacks related to fixing things in kitchen

or a self help guide on fixing basement leaks.

You will always have an advantage as there is a thin chance of you running out of content to write and you will be ​

providing an expert opinion as you are a professional in the field and you won't have to put in extra effort in thinking of ideas for the posts as you already will have a lots from the workplace and industry happenings.

So why not do that as it will keep you on toes at your workplace and help you build a reputation for future if you stick to the profession.​

Dissect the subjects into subtopics and micro-topics

Another concern that might be bothering you might be that you may run out of content eventually

There is always a fear that you might just hit the breaks because your niche is not that broad enough and there are a limited number of topics to comment upon.

The key here is which all professionals use is breaking the content into microcontent.

For example I wrote a post on creating infographics.​

While writing that post I got an idea on why to include pictures on in a blog post, hence another idea was born and eventually I thought of educating readers about  the copyright and license laws before picking up any random picture online.

Also keeping an eye on the analytics helps​.

I had a blog on indian history when I did  a feature on an indian city through time with pictures of it  from 18th and 19th century.

The post did very well and garnered a huge number of hits.

Zintinga it was then Zintinga it is now

So I started a full feature on cities through time with 10 more indian cities and each one of those was an appreciated post.​

The fact being every niche has a  limited things to write about but as you research and grow in knowledge and experience you will eventually learn to expand ideas into full fledged posts and that will come with time.​

​Don’t think just post

As the title suggests just start with the journey.

I for instance didn't know if a blog on old indian pictures would work but it worked for me.

A friend of mine started a blog on old coins from the British era and he has a healthy active community built around this passion of his.​

​There are always takers for any niche.

The success of a blog depends on the ​

uniqueness that you bring to the table and your comfort level. 

So don't think if a post will do good or not follow your heart and do what comes naturally. As that's the precise reason why you started a blog, to do a gig of your own


A micro niche blog

Don’t shy from finding a new niche

A lot of times when we are exited about a topic and think we have made our choices right somewhere down the line we loose interest. We feel we don’t want to continue and transition to a new topic seems difficult.

I have to confess I have been through the same dilemma. I used to run a blog on Indian history but after a point in time I realized I can continue posting. The blog had a rich collection of pictures from the past which I had collected from all over internet to weave stories around them.

I had traffic coming and I am a passionate student of history so i enjoyed it. But I would have been entangled in copyright battles if I had continued as most of these images could not be reused and no information about sellers could be found anywhere.

t was difficult to shut down the blog, remove all the posts on which I had worked so hard and deactivate the Facebook page.

But it had to be done. The bog was shutdown and and I started with a new niche.​

​Just read,write something: stimulate the mind

There is a beast inside every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand​

I am sure you do remember this quote from Ned Stark. 

What was once true in the seven kingdoms holds true in today's world too.

Except men don't run around with swords anymore.

To stir the writer inside you and find a voice of your own you simply need to get down and start writing

If you still can't pinpoint a niche start with writing a personal diary.

You can start blogging your way on Blogspot and WordPress as they are free with an anonymous account.

It is a proven fact that writing helps you think. Writing, reading and interacting with other bloggers on social media platform will give you ideas about where you would like to go.​

Just keep yourself in the loop and since

you have decided to blog keeping yourself surrounded with everything blogging will help you generate new ideas and may help you discover a new domain.

I believe that these fews hacks will help you get moving whenever you feel stuck and definitely help you become a better observer and hence a blogger.

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