20 websites for amazing free photos for your blog

Just imagine your favorite website, it can be a blog or a social network.

Now take out all the pictures. Will it still be appealing to you if you just landed on the site ?

No surely not.

A blog without visual content is like a body without a soul. You don’t want your blog to look like a classified news-paper after all do you?​

Content surely is the king and will always remain so but to hold attention of a new reader visual content like pictures and infographics help immensely.

It’s a proven fact that we tend to remember facts or information when it’s supplied to us with images.

​According to marketer Jeff Bullas content with relevant images gets about 94% more views than content without it.

So if you have been wondering why your posts don’t seem to generate a high hit rate or why people don’t stay on your site for as long as you would like them to stay, you know the answer now.​

So now facts make it clear that you will be requiring images to run website of yours.

Also it seems difficult to find pictures on google as most of the links end up on stock images websites ?

​Don't worry there are a ton of free websites which help you with finding cool images for your online project. But before I list out some of the best ones here are a few terms you should be aware of if you are searching for pictures for your website/blog online.

A little information

Royalty free

Royalty free refers to a licence which you get when you purchase an image which is still copyright protected. You get right to use use the image without attribution when you purchase an image. Most of the images on stock image websites are royalty free.

​Public Domain

An image, if it is in public domain is not protected by copyright law anymore. It can be used freely without any attribution by you for any of your personal or commercial projects.

Creative Commons Licencse

​Creative Commons License is a copyright license that enables free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work.  A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they have created

Here we go

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is the first website which I stumbled upon when I started blogging a few years ago looking for free pictures for my website. It still remains one of my favourite.

It has images which are not only free but you can modify them and no attribution is required.

  • Completely free images
  • A repository of images from around the web
  • A good collection of vector graphics and videos also available if required in you project

2 . Unsplash

This is a site with awe inspiring pictures. It’s like an art gallery. Pictures are of very high quality and you will end up picking up a few pictures even if  not relevant to your content.

  • High resolution images
  • Free of creative commons licence( no attribution required to the photographer)
  • Also you will find most of your requirements when you search.
  • 10 new photos uploaded every 10 days.

3 . New old stock

If you require high quality vintage images, this is your one stop shop. Images here have been picked up from public domain and are under creative commons license. You can use the images for personal and commercial use.

  • Old vintage images
  • Picked up from public domain, do double check for copyright.
  • Free for personal and non commercial use ( blog posts, header images, personal projects etc).

4 . Stocksnap

Another beautiful library of high resolution pictures. The best thing is that they all fall under creative commons license. That means you can use them personally or commercially without worrying about licences.

  • A large collection of high resolution pictures
  • No need for any attributions
  • Have a collection of over 10,000 images with 1500 images added every month.

5 .  million free pictures

Damn that's a lot of pictures !!!

And the good news is no regestration, no watermarks.

Toper the owner this wonderful photo blog plans to dedicate 100 free pictures daily to the site totaling a million in next thirty years.

  • Website maintained by an amatuer photographer
  • Regularly updated and photos catogorized intrestingly

6 . gratisography

Gratisography is an interesting site, a bit different from the ones mentioned above. Images  mostly are abstract and don't fit into any category, making the site unique.

Even if you are not looking for images for your blog/project I recommend frequenting this site as  it might help you brainstorm for your next post.​

  • High quality images clicked by a professional
  • inspiring abstract pictures
  • Can be used as cover images for a post or online magazine

7 . Picjumbo 

Picjumbo includes free images across a wide variety of categories. You can also get also get their premium membership once if you are impressed with their collection.

  • Pictures catogorised from abstract fashion to technology.
  • Picjumbo was recently acquired by google that means you will be seeing pictures from the site on google's default images and websites.
  • Pictures from Picjumbo have been downloaded for over 3 million times

8 . Magdeleine

 A Neatly organised site containing hand picked photos.

  • Pictures organised so that you can choose an image from public domain or one which requires attribution.
  • You too can upload an image.

9 . Splitshire

A huge collection. Pictures graced blogs and websites like The Huffington Post and CNN.

  • Neat arrangement and interesting categories
  • Work of a single photographer who decided to put his work online without  any restrictions

10 . Pdpics

A repository of images in public domain.

  • All clicked by in house photographers so that you don't have to worry about attribution or copyright violation

Websites mentioned in the above list have fulfill most of my requirements whenever I require a cover picture  for a post or for any other purpose to put on my blogs.

But internet has unlimited resources so here are some more blogs which will be helpful.​

  • A collection of more than 350,000 images.


  • ​Yes we all know about Flickr
  • Not a comprehensive site but you can always find a hidden gem


  • A small collection of about 800 pictures but completely free, no questions asked


  • Images contributed by photographers and people like you and me


  • Again not a large repository,but its free so no complaining.


  • If you are looking for abstract patterns or subtle backgrounds 


  • Kaboom!!! nice website with high quality images by a professional


  • Place to be if you love free images, that's what they claim


  • Wonderful collection of interesting pictures

That's not all folks!!!

There are many more exciting blogs and websites which can help you and your blog with awe inspiring pictures.

Although most of websites mentioned above do not require you to give attribution but I feel we bloggers should attribute as most of these sites are run by freelancer photographers and a little link to the site can help them and serves as a good gesture

Enjoy these free resources and hope you won’t be scavenging online for quality pictures for you next project. 🙂

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