How to be an efficient blogger

Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it.
- Theodore Roosevelt

​If you are a blogger/copywriter you must have thought and felt need of writing a post at one go.

​You must have realised how difficult that is.

But what if all the ideas flowed easily onto the text editor and you could complete ​an article at one go.

​Some things that might work for us if we could do just that:

  • Ideas if captured at the time of inception translate better
  • ​As we delay and write a post over a period of time we almost always end up taking lot more time than planned initially
  • It's better to finish an article when the idea still generates excitement and enthusiasm which fades with time.
  • We would be in full control and could plan our blog and life in advanced.
  • Quality of posts will improve

OK so the benefits were always clear to you but how to get started. 

​You just need a bit of discipline which I am sure you all are willing to bring as you strive to be a better blogger daily.

​I personaly used to struggle when I usee to get an idea for a post.

I would get all pumped up and write intial paragraphs but a distraction here and there and I would end you quitting  and then it completing the post later would be a task.

​So a few practical tips that have helped me a lot in my quest to finish a blog post at one go.

​#1: Just sit down and start writing

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.​

The above quote by Stephen King sums it all.

Many of us don't feel inspired to write. We keep on delaying​ waiting for inspiration and end up procastinationg.

Inspiration shows up eventually when you get past few lines​. 

So I would suggest you to get down and start writing​ and don't wait for some divine intervention which will keep up going.

You gotta go when you got to go​.

But if you are lying down on you couch drafting your next post and reading this article, You would definitely end up inspired and sleeping.

  • Always try to sit on a table and a chair. I know blogging gives us the freedom to work from anywhere and from comfort of our homes, but little bit of discipline in this regard is a must
  • Whenever you feel a bit drowsy splash a bit of water on you face. It works wonders. A quick remedy as it will keep you away from caffine too.
  • Whenever bored (as it's a scientifically proven that our attention span lasts for 40 minutes and then starts going down hill) take a break relax stretch ,share a joke with your sibling or roommate and get back to work later.

​#2: Focus

Column 1

Staying focussed is a big deal. We all find it difficult to concentrate when there is so much going around.

​Our attention spans have been decreasing and a lot can be attribured to social media, where now  all the information is at our fingertips.

Also a study conducted by Microsoft suggest that human attention span has decreased from 13 sec 

Column 2

in just 13 years. certainly it can be attributed to the smart phone age.

Don't worry. Another study has shown that our mind can be trained like any other muscle in our body and taught to focus.

Supply some Glucose to your Brain

When the glucose levels in our body go down we find it difficult to concentrate, so keep a pack of Digestive biscuits or a health bar handy. I am not saying eat junk, eat responsibly and small amounts just to stay in the game

Put those headphones on

​Again if you are finding it difficult to sit on that chair just put on your headphones and listen to some music. Music always works as it helps us relax and releases the feel good hormones.

Get rid of the clutter

​Make your workstation clutter free. This is the first step you should take before you actually sit down to write. A clean workstation will help your mind stay focussed and clutter free

Say NO to social media 

OK I know it is the most difficult task.

I am not asking you to switch off your phone and put it into a locker. I am not even asking you to put it in silent mode.

You just need to keep it away from your workstation. Whatsapp and Facbook can wait and you can always recieve a phone call.

Time yourself

​Keep a track of your progress. No need to set alarms or use a stop watch but be aware of how much time you are consuming to finish this particular post. Is it taking longer than average or you are taking too many breaks.


Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. 

Meditation is an exercise for your brain. Its directly effects the structure and function of the Brain, thus help us to increase attention span and sharpen our memory.

Taking a few deep breathes when tired helps build mental stamina.​

There are a lot of videos on Youtube teaching you how to meditate. I strongly reccomend you to ​give it a shot

Reward yourself

​Do appreciate yourself. If you feel that you have done a task within time limit and have pushed that publish button as planned, Congratulate yourself and celebrate.

Because at the end of it all these little achievements everyday will fuel your journey to be a better blogger.

​#3: Feeding your Subconcious

This is a small point but an important one. 

I would say it is the single most important ​fact that helped me improve my productivity.

​Our subconsious mind is an unlimited store of energy. It stores memories of every-other incident that  happens during our lifetime.

So our subconcious memory is perfect while concious memory is a suspect.

​The key here is to keep feeding you subconscious memory with ideas and thoughts.

Devote particular time of the day when you read other entrepreneurs and bloggers.Spend time of other domain authority blogs​. It feeds yout subconsious mind.

Also a practice that I follow is

​Every time I get an idea for a post I usually let it sit for a day or two before I get down writing the final draft.

​and almost every time I get something new in a creative perspective which I could not have googled or looked up on Youtube.

A Few facts about the subconsious mind

​#4: Understanding your body cycle and levredaging it

Have you ever wondered why you are more creative at wee hours when the world sleeps or why few people feel more innovative at early morning hours.

 It is all about your body chemistry, you offcourse know yourself better than anybody else, so leverage that.

Blog when you feel most creative and when your mind is most fertile.

I for example used to blog when I was in night shifts at work. The work load at office used to be less and my brain was most innovative at those hours so writing was fun as thoughts flowed freely from the mind on to the computer screen 

Dopamine is the feel good chemical released by our brain. If you feel comfortable working at a particular time of the day. It might be dopamine at work. Low levels of Dopamine can lead to fatigue lack of motivation and depression.

​#3: When you write just write

True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.

-​Mortimer J. Aler

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This is the most common challenge faced by bloggers. The world is full of distractions and staying put when you sit down and blog might be a major task for many of us.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media are great tools to market you and your blog but try to keep away from these when you write.

Using distraction free mode on the wordpress editor or any other program that you use to draft your posts will keep you away from opening extra tabs on your web browser to surf unwanted sites.

If possible dedicate a room as your workstation or office.

A clutterfree place where when you sit your family knows that you are at work so they respect your privicy and do not disturb you.

As Napelon Hill said:

“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.”

So when you decide to concentrate and write nothing or nobody except you can stop yourself.

​#5: That perfect post

Almost every-time we look at a newly completed post, we find a thing or two to modify. If this stops you from hitting the publish button, you need to make a few amends.

Get into a habit of publishing the post after a single edit/review.

There is no harm in modifying or adding new information to the post at later stages, everyone does that.

Ideas and creative sparks can strike anytime, even days after you complete the post. You surely won't wait for that perfect quote or spark for weeks. ​

All the bloggers on the blogosphere keep modifying and improving the posts as and when needed.

So don't keep that post in a draft forever, publish it and let the readers enjoy it.

​These  practical tips will come in handy if you feel you end up  procrastinating and delaying the process of drafting a post.

I have with practice and following the practices mentioned above cut down the time from inception of an idea  to the final draft from days to a few hours.

Do mention ideas of your own if any which have helped you with process of becoming a more efficient blogger. 

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