Easy promotion tips for new blogs

You believe you rule your niche. You have the knowledge of the subject and a flair for writing.

Your posts are of adequate length, your family and friends enjoy your writing and you know you posts will be of value to your readers.

​If all of the above seems true then you will be relieved to know that you are not alone. Every person who starts a blog goes through this phase.

​A  few interesting stats about blogosphere.

I also experienced the same where I sat on a blog which didn’t receive much of traffic for around three months.

Almost every single view counted and kept me wondering what was wrong with my blog when I had done everything the right way.

I had a clean design and content which was relevant and which my friends loved.

I call this a phase because almost every new blogger goes through this initial disappointment.

We start searching for SEO tips and tricks on google and end up on articles like the one you are currently reading .

And congratulations because you have landed on the right page as I will give away 5 essential tips which helped me at my intial stages after skimming all the blogs and websites online.

The other social media

Chances are that you already have a facebook page and a twitter handle ( if you don’t please make one).

where you tweet and post latest happenings and blog related updates.

I suggest having at least a facebook account for your blog where

You must at least post once a day your thoughts or industry development or an interesting news article or fact related to your niche.

Social media helps you consolidate and bond with your readers and plays and indirect but important role reminding your readers about the blog and readers aware.

But there are a few other social networks on which you might have stumbled upon but never thought of promoting.

Neil Patel

 If you’re not using social media marketing already, you’ll have to learn it – or lose in the long run.

Identifying the right social media

Apart from Facebook and twitter which most of us know about we should leverage the existence of few other social media

  • Instagram

My friend who is a beauty blogger loves instagram. She has more followers on instagram even compared to her blog site.

The point being if you write about health, beauty or vanity is your niche. Instagram can be a real boost for your site.

Instagram has shown real exponential growth and ever since facebook bought it's got a legit backing. ​

​Majority of people on instagram are teenagers and with the highest engagement rate among any social media platform it becomes an important tool to leverage.

  • Linkedin

Linkedin has 433 million users . It is one of the most active social media network after Facebook. Also older than facebook since it was founded in 2002

When you have so many people around that too professionals it should not be ignored.

You can share your posts in relevant groups on linkedin.

Linkedin also will help you connect to and network on bloggers and writers who are already established. And since linkedin is a professional network you attract genuine and authentic people who are interested in your content.

As the infographics suggests that about 40% of the linkedin users have paid accounts.

This means they are serious candidates and if they find value in a course or a deal you endorse people who mind shedding a few bucks

If your niche is related to a tech course or anything except fashion or entertainment linkedin if used wisely can be useful as it is the biggest social network after facebook.

  • Google Hangouts

Hangouts are a great new way to to communicate with community of your subsribers.

Do create hangouts once in awhile and interact with people interested. It doesn't matter even if a single person turns up

A great to place to interact withlike minded people and grow your community

The process of interacting with your audience even if numbers are scare will keep you confident and motivate your of keep going

There are a very few people who leverage google hangout so go ahead and create a hangout and advertise about on your facebook and twitter handles.​

​Building an email list

Build a list of loyal followers is what everybody wants and every new blogger should spend time from day one.

​Since you are building a brand you would like to capture and retain the eyeballs.

The easiest way to do this is to build an Email list.

It is the most primitive and also the most effective tool.

Email lists give a very high return on investment and will help you generate recurring traffic

If you want to be a successful blogger as likes of Niel Paatel, Gary vaynerchuck. You need to build yourself a brand.

To build a brand you will need to establish a community.

Readers who don’t just land from Google search and never return but people who find content supplied by you relevant.

If people are willing to share their email address with you it means they are they are eager to listen from you and get updates week after week.

Building this base of people who trust you from early on will also keep a steady source of traffic flowing to your blog.

A few stats which will clear you doubts if any about mail lists.

For all the insight on email newsletters follow my post​

Podcasts and Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine. There are many bloggers who went also along with their blogs started vlogging

caseyNeistat became a youtube celeb vlogging about his daily life

​And ended being full-time youtubers.

Producing youtube videos doesn't take time once you have your content ready.

Also there is a huge target audience who don’t like reading and prefer a concise video.

According to a research while traditional TV viewing was up 0.2 %

Mobile video viewing went up by 20% and time spent viewing videos on computer went up by 30%.

No need to buy a green screen and an expensive camera.

Most people start with the basic tools for recording.

Keep the video length under under 10 minutes and as precise as possible.

A youtube channel will not only supplement your blog but can also serve as an altogether worthy source of income.

Podcasts seem to be a thing of past but surprisingly they are still in and being used by many successful name in blogosphere.

Setting up a podcast i super easy and with so many apps it’s easy to get herd by your audience and bring in organic traffic to your blog.

Some of the Podcasts that I listen to, which too are extension of blogs

This is your life                              Michael Hyatt

Smart passive income podcast     Pat Flynn

​Problogger                                    Darren Rowse                             

Give away some goodies

Everybody likes free-stuff we all do.

Why not distribute some free goodies once in a while. I am not asking you to sponsor free amazon or ebay coupons, when I say free it means zero cost for you and your readers.

There must be some posts of yours which might have been performing better than others.

You can repackage them into a PDF with funky title and present them for free downloads. For ex if you share your recipes on a blog, a PDF with some of your most popular dishes or a PDF of the most amazing pies and how to make them would be great.

John Chow's free ebook

If you blog on tech, a PDF guide or a comparison between the latest android devices in the market would be of value to your readers.

You can also publish a magazine with a fancy cover featuring your best articles from the month and a guest post thrown in by a fellow blogger. Don’t worry you won’t have to break a sweat as 

there are many sites which help you publish an online magazine for free for distribution. So get going an spread the goodness.

Being a part of the online community​

Comment often whenever you like an article or have something additional to contribute to an already useful post.

But do not do it to get cheap backlinks provide genuine suggestions or add ons in the comment box.

This way you will be able to target readers base on an already successful blogger.

​Contributing guest articles is another way to get attention to your blog.

If you have quality content relevent to a blog where you want to publish why would anybody say no.

Put your best articles forward and contribute to authority blogs in your domain. You will be to able to access a large audience.

Its difficult to blog alone. Being a part of a community and on teh way meeting people who are doing good keeps you on track, motivated.

Bottom-line being bloggers are also humans and it feels good to stay connected and interaction with others always keeps the creative juices flowing.


Here was my list of to -do things which will help you get noticed.

Once you are done with 10-15 posts you can start implementing these ideas as I have already tested these.

Stay motivated and enjoy blogging.


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