Easy Guide for installing IBM Installation manager silently

I know there are a lot of online tutorials on IBM IM installation, but a very few demonstrate the silent method of installation.

So if you are working on a linux or an Aix server and don't have access to graphical user interface you can view ​follow this step by step tutorial.

Step 1: Download the installation files

Click on the button to go to IBM website and download IM

  • IBM IM is a freeware and you don't need a customer account to download it.
  • But you will have to sign up with IBM ID to download the installers.
  • IM is platform dependent and so choose the package as per OS.

​After downloading the file which is around 165MB unzip it.

Step 2: Understanding the installation files

You can use

userinstc -- if you are a non root user

installc -- if you are a root user

groupinstc -- group installation

the files ending in c will help you with silent installation

the difference between install and installc is that install will pop up the GUI once you execute and installc will help you proceed with silent installation.

Step 3: Installing the product

Navigate to the installation dump/setup and execute the command.

./userinstc -acceptLicense -log /home/inst_log -installationDirectory /home/nitish/IBM -sVP

  • accept License is a required parameter which specifies that you accept terms
  • log will be printed, if something goes wrong you can consult it.
  • installation directory specifies the path where IM will be installed
  • sVP will show you the progress on screen as the installation happens.

Installation successful !!!

Once the Package is installed you can go to the installation Directory

eclipse >> tools >>

execute command

./imcl listinstalledpackages

confirmed installation

IM has been installed and you can now go ahead and install other IBM products.


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