Design Ebook hotter than Jennifer Lawrence in next 15 minutes using Canva

My grandfather used to tell me when I was still a kid not fond of reading that the best gift that you can give anybody is a book.

I do realise the fact today, books are a treasure trove of information.

  Books might have migrated from our bookshelves to ipads and kindles but still remain one of the best presents to give anyone.

Bloggers  know this and have leveraged the fact.

Yes our community has been giving away books !!! 


The first Ebook published in 1971 under Project University of Illinois which aimed to create a electronic public library of 10,000 books. At the time there are only 100 internet users.

Internet went public in 1974 three years later.​

True story !!!!​

Influencers have been distributing PDF documents and do it yourself guides to lure subscribers from the very start.

There several other ends which an Ebook lets you meet like 

Building an authority

Easy to publish and distribute (you can self publish)

Fulfilling a long cherished dream of becoming a writer

Reasons are many and yours might be a completely different one. the bottomline is that you won't have to think hard on the design of your book.

You don't have to shell out $100s to hire a graphic designer because we will get the design ready in 15 minutes flat.

​Getting Started we have 15 minutes !!!

As you might already know Canva is an absolute gem and an irreplaceable tool which get all the work design work done.

​Canva along with picmonkey is all I use to edit and create logos, designs and pictures for my blog. 

Many people still use powerpoint to design their ebooks but if we compare quality of the design and the time required to create one Canva emerges the obvious choice.

 Here are the steps to create an awesome Ebook free on Canva.

Step 1   Login 

I am assuming you are using Canva for the very first time and do not have an account.

You don't need to have one!!!

Simply login using your gmail id or your facebook account​

On your homepage click on A4 recommended size for E Books.​

select the a4 size sheet for your blog

​Step 2   Designing the Cover

Click on the layouts on the left dashboard to select a pre designed template for you home page there are many.

select the layout from the left panel

Click on Elements to select a picture from Canva’s library or you can select a grid or an illustration and give it a background by going to the background tab in the dashboard.

You can always resize the elements

Crop, filter, flip or blur, do as you want with your cover. 

image options in canva

Canva has a huge library of images but you can upload an image from your system

Use upload tab to upload an image that you have downloaded.

Select from hundreds of fonts available and your cover will be ready 

Believe me it’s as easy as it looks.

Desiginging an Ebook with Canva

And just like that we created an awe inspiring home page.

It Surely does look amazing I just created a sample for this post, You can play around with all the fonts and the customizations available and you only need under 10 minutes to design your EBook cover.

Step 3  Designing the page structure

After creating the cover page lets move on to design the Ebook' s pages. Click on the add new page button.

Set a background. I like the crumpled paper one.

You can upload an image, make it transparent and use that too. 

For instance if by any chance you are writing a romantic novel you can take a picture of heart biur it and set as your page background.​

create a page of your choice with canva

Select a font and start copying your final draft by creating new pages by clicking on add new page button.

What's great is that you can hyperlink images and text too.

hyperlink images using canva

Once the Ebook is ready, download it as a PDF and distribute it as you like.

Yes there is no real work in designing a book it's a matter of 15 minutes if you have the content ready.

download the Ebook as  a pdf

​Now you can design multiple free covers and create do it yourself guides or a magazine out of your best articles and give away to your readers.

​A lot can be done multiple options with multiple giveaways??

Possibilities are open.

   That’s it your EBook is done. within 15 minutes. the best part canva being free.

I know you expected this post to be a long one but you now know designing and creating an EBook is not that difficult after all.

If you have your content ready and the thought of designing an E-Book was taking a toll on your mind.

You can go ahead and start now.

It’s simple isn’t it.

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