Deleting a virtual machine and uninstalling Vmware

This is simple tutorial on how to uninstall Vmware workstation in a clean way.

Step 1: If you have a running virtual machine. Right click on the instance of the machine on home screen and Power Off the machine. 

Step 2: Once the machine is switched off (I was running redhat Linux as you can see in the screenshot) you can right click the instance from home-screen and click delete from disk which will clean the OS from VMware.

Now you can delete other VMs also in a similar manner. ​

Step 3:  Now go to start>> control panel>> uninstall or change a program.

Find VMware Workstation in the list right click on it and click change. The uninstall wizard will open and you can click on Remove to begin the uninstall.

After a minute Vmware is uninstalled from your system.

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