7 steps to building a successful blog before quitting your job

building successful blog

It took me months to establish a blog and build my audience. A lot of hard work and more importantly perseverance allowed me to build an online entity that helps me pay my bills.

Congratulations if you too have taken the plunge and got yourself a domain name and a hosting account.

For months straight I did not have any traffic. I wrote content posted it on my blog and social handles and waited for people to come.

I remember how elated I used to be on the days I found I had double digit traffic. As I learnt more about SEO and better ways to market my content, traffic started growing organically.

   Soon I breached the $100 threshold on my adsense account and that was my first earning from my blog. I felt invincible as I started making more money. The thought of quitting my job and chasing my dream crossed my minds several times.

Clearly I was struggling to make money with my blog

for long adsense didn't make any financial sense to me

 The internet was flooded with stories of How I quit my job to travel or live the laptop lifestyle. 

​I am sure you also come across such articles and many of us start blogs just to end up quitting our jobs and work from a beach for the rest of our lives.

It is possible and will happen for sure but to get there you have to work smart now. Only when you get a steady flow every month and have established brand around your blog you should consider quitting your day job.

​Here is a list that will help you establish a successful blog so that you can quit your day job

Don't stick to a niche be liberal, turn your hobby into your niche 

This tip is a tip especially for  beginners. Many of us even before registering a hosting account start scratching our heads about the niche we want to blog on.

find a niche which you love

Leena Bansal a blogger from India quit her job to travel around the world. A good example of hobby blogger

I would suggest you to relax and follow your heart. Don't bind yourself in your early blogging stages to a particular jouner. Just be yourself be and fall in love with writing. As you write daily you will discover yourself. Don't be hard on yourself 

Choosing a niche and sticking to it can become a chore. Be a bit liberal in your initial months as a blogger so that blogging doesn't become another 9-5 job.​

I for instance started with a blog on Indian history and then moved on to the  current niche. Even here I write posts ​articles on topics which I find interesting not belonging to the niche.

This way I never go bankrupt with ideas and look forward to write everyday.​

Start learning online

​Internet is an information goldmine. Everything you desire to know is out there and for free. So if you really have a desire to master a skill you simply have no excuses. Simply go after it. 

I learnt about SEO, affiliate marketing and content planning online. Neither I signed up for any classroom programs ​nor did I subscribed to any online.

learn at your own pace at your own time with help of sites like udemy

learn at your own pace at your own time with help of sites like udemy

You don't even have to Google anymore when YouTube has video tutorials on everything you can imagine.​

Do learn something new every week. ​pick up a topic and research the hell out of it and master the art.

If you don't mind spending some bucks you can buy courses on sites like udemy and coursera.​

Invest a part of your income in your business

The biggest motivator that motivates me stick to my job is that it helps me  pump  money into by blogging business. If you have a goal and see your online business generating passive income for you in future you need to invest in it.

Get a premium theme or a keyword research tool. You might have to make a cut in your spendings.

investing in premium services lets you rise above majority of the blogs. A small  investment today will reap major benefits in future.

You can hire content writers and logo designers and concentrate on the marketing side and building the brand.

I have had blogs where I used services of experts as I lacked certain skills in my intial days meanwhile I concentrated on the marketing part.​

Schedule your day like a boss

Keeping a track of your time becomes essential when you blog and manage a full time job. We all have 24hrs in a day.

Even the rich cannot buy time. The only difference between the successful and the rest is the time management skills.  

​You should be proud of yourself that you have taken a step towards establishing your own brand and an identity with your blog. 

A little bit of discipline and you will be all set on your path to your dream life.

​Staying focussed

Many of us struggle with staying focussed on the work at hand.

After sitting on the table and writing for 15 minutes you get up for a glass of water only to extend the break further by 30 minutes.

Sounds familiar??

Yes of course it does, because we all find ourselves guilty of procrastinating.​

I struggled with it. A post which I could write in an hour with ideas still fresh in my mind took 2 days to finish.

The answer to your vows is meditation.

Mediatation will help calm your mind and reduce the influx of thoughts letting you focus on the task in hand ​longer.

Here is a video which explains the effects of meditation on your brain.

You will notice as you practice meditation everyday that you can think better and can sit at a place and write for longer periods.

Make writing a habit​

You are either a morning or a night person. I for instance was always a morning person. I remember I would start feeling sleepy as soon as clock struck 11 but my sister pulled late nighters studying for exams.

​So feel free to write and play with ideas whenever you feel the best. But do don't skip days if you don't feel like writing and are unable to find any inspiration.

Let inspiration find you

Switch on the laptop sit at your work desk and inspiration will find you.​

Concentrate on building a brand from the very first day

This posts is talks about steps to building a successful blog before quitting your job. If you want to have a lifestyle of freedom and want your blog to help you with that you will have to carve a brand out of it.

How to do that?

  • ​For starters don't spam your site with ads

A lot of us including me apply for Google's adsense program and anxiously wait for the approval.

Once approved we splurge and spam our blogs with ads.

I realised that pages on my blog were ​filled with irrelevant ads which didn't add any value.  More importantly I was pushing readers away from my blog when I needed them to stay.

  • Build an institution​ and a build a following

Build an email list and launch a course. Don't wait for traffic to swell. If content is good traffic will grow organically. 

To make a living you will have to convert your readers into subscribers. Your subscribers will help you propel your affiliate campaign and ​invest in your own products and services in future.

  • ​Humanize your brand

Be the face of your blog. Let your readers know that a passionate person is behind the blog they love to read.

Tell your story and connect with your readers through mails that sound personal and show some comment love.

Keep your dream team ready

Assemble your dream team

You work hard at office and write at off hours and are unable to lookafter the finer details such as design.

It's time to assemble a team.

Think about it, eventually you will need a team to run a blog if it grows to the heights you expect it to grow.

No I am not telling to keep people on your payroll but build a network of trustworthy virtual assistants or freelancers who can help you with tech while you can concentrate on building a brand and market your blog better.

Stay Inspired

Stay inspired and remember the reason why you started a blog. If you don't have an inspiration find one.

 If you don't have a motivation strong enough there is always a possibility of you quitting in between.

Building a money making sytem needs dedication and perseverance so brace yourself.

That's it the!!!

List of things you need to get in order before think of quitting your day job.

Did I miss something ?? Reply in the comment box​

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