10 Best tools for creating infographics

Back in the day someone said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.They surely realised it really early. If you are a blogger or an online content creator the saying is even more valid today almost every study points towards that.

A content with a picture has almost 94% more chance of getting shared afterall.

This can be blamed on the falling attention spans. A research points that human attention spans have decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2016.​

That's a sharp fall !!!

Even lesser than a Goldfish.

Of Course since the advent of digital revolution this shift took place.

We have apps like vines, snapchat and instagram which certify this shift.

What does this means for blogs??

People now youtube a query instead of googling it and vlogs have become what blogs were in early 2000s.

A post of yours need something more than a picture so what could be done.

What is an infographic

It's a hybrid of information and graphic. Something more than a fancy font or a captivating picture.

​Information + graphics

As simple as it sounds. Since 2007 use of visual information has increased by 9900% on internet and between 1985 to 1994 by 142% in the newspapers.

Why this paradigm shift the reason is simple we absorb more information through visual stimulus.

That’s the reason we have traffic lights and signs on the roads because it takes us less time to process and our brain is able to associate the message with the sign in nanoseconds

I spotted first infographics in the newspapers. When I found it a task to read through an article an infographic would supply a quick dose of the required information.

Maybe the first infographics were the weather reports in the newspapers.​

An infographic from the 19th century

An infographic from the 19th century

​or those guide books from 90s, where step by step instructions to setup a camera or installing a shelf came with pictures.

Yes, infographics are old school and still very effective.

So infographics did exist before the digital revolution in print media and we should leverage it if we are still not using them.​

Some solid facts on why you need infographics.

Well this post is about infographics so we will learn about infographics through infographics.

  • 93% of all human communication is nonverbal
  • We can get sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second
  • Visualized information as a whole has increased over 9,000 percent since 2007
  • Publishers that feature infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t use infographics
  • An infographic is 30 times more likely to be read as compared to an article

So it’s proved that not only will infographics present aesthetic beauty but will keep your brain hooked.

The Best tools available online that will get you started with infographics​

​Although not an online tool Adobe illustrator is one the first tools that comes to mind when we talk about graphic design.

Although a professional's choice but it can also be a very helpful tool for a blog infographics.

​I say this because it gives you the a lot of freedom and if you know all the tools well than you can put your imagination on paper.

​I personally use illustrator to create graphics and featured images for my posts.

I use tools like flaticon and freepik which are in my opinion treasure trove when it comes to creating infographics.​

You get free vector files which you can modify with illustrator.


Canva is surely easiest and the best tool for creating infographics. Canva has thousands of free images designs and icons and multiple fonts.

Also it's really easy to get started, just login with your google or facebook and you are good to go. 

I create all my covers with canva

  • More than 50 million designs have been designed with Canva and two new designs are created every second
  • In 2015 alone, the Canva userbase grew from 1.8 million to 7 million
  • Easy to get started with login from google or facebook
  • Hundreds of free infographic templates to help you get started
  • drag and drop functionality
  • All templates free except for the premium pictures 


An online app which will help you create infographics in a few clicks.

The have an impressive repository of free templates and a platform where you can build an infographic from the scratch.

Easelly comes with an impressive infographic builder

  • A tool custom made for infographics creation
  • A fantastic page builder with multiple options for customization
  • hundrerds of free templates to choose from, you can also build your graphics from the scratch.
  • You can go pro at $36 annually which gives you access to thousands of free images and assistance from in house designers 


Another tool with around 400 templates. You get to choose from 4 themes in the free version. For you if you want to create fun infographics quickly and easily.

  • 400 templates in all including the free and the paid ones
  • not a lot of choices in the free department
  • Boasts of a comprehensive infographic creation tool
  • tool for non-designers to create beautiful infographics(that's how they market themselves)


If it's data that you deal with infogram is the tool for you.

It helps you build infographics with powerful charts and graphs easily. It has 6 basic free templates to choose from each differing in colour and font.

  • a tool for creating data intensive infgoraphics 
  • good collection of charts and graphs to show the statistics.
  • templates well designed but provide limited customization


Visual.ly is your one stop shop for all the infographic needs if you have money to spare.

It's more of an online community where you can interact with many content creators and submit your own art.

Visual.ly is mostly apremium service

  • Visual.ly will fit your bill if you are a small or medium scale bussiness looking 
  • nothing much here for you if you are looking for a free platform. 


Make boring data beautiful and easy to understand

That's what Vise.me says and thats exactly what you get. Although technically still in beta phase Vise me presents you with 50 infographics templates to choose from.

50 templates available at your disposal

  • Free tool with over 50 templates to choose from
  • features an editor which makes it easier to customize the template
  • you can create animations and ppts too 


Venegage offers beautiful template with an adavnced editor to cutomize your artwork.

It also comes with many charts and icons so that you don't have to scavenge internet.

  • Venngage actively adds features and new useable graphics
  • Good set of icons and more importantly, pictograms. Pictograms are a set of repeating icons where you visually show amounts.
  • Great built-in graphs, they are easy to use and you can even import a spreadsheet.


A relatively new website based in rio de janerio Genial.ly comes accross as a fun new tool which lets you get your creative side out.

I came across it while researching for this very article and ​have to agree that the website is quite engaging

Although I have not used Genial.ly but I would reccond atleast a visit to the site. It might seem interesting if you plan to do more with your cover pictures and presentations.

Genial.ly also helps you build presentations with animations. Do give it a shot.

This was the list of all my favourite tools to create infographics. All are comprehensive and do the job. It depends on you which one works for you and catches your fancy.

I keep on toggling between all but use Canva and Easel.ly the most.

So go ahead try all and get started with your infographics as they are easy to create with these tools and now you don't have any excuse not to create some 🙂

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