Income reports of 20 bloggers

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Money is certainly the biggest motivation.

Many of us start our online blogging ventures with clear monetary objectives in mind​.

With all the affiliates and super bloggers advocating affiliate marketing and constantly advising us to monetize our online properties, it's difficult to ignore them. ​

I remember when I started with my first blog I didn't know much about money​

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making techniques. I was aware of adsense and had heard about Viralnova's founder making millions with an adsense account, but I never thought that my blog catering to a micro niche could make money online.

​But after reading income reports of other bloggers I signed up for an adsense account.

Within a week I earned my first dollar.​

I was ecstatic. Now that I knew that making money from the blogs was not a ponzi scheme and ​there was some real mollah involved I researched about affiliate marketing and other ways to monetize my blogs. 

I have created successful blog but still whenever I feel low I refer to the the income reports of other bloggers.​

So here is a list of 20 shiny happy bloggers and who publish their income reports and keep us motivated to keep going.​

​Patt from is an inspiration to many bloggers.

He blogs about ways to build sources of passive income so that we can work today and reap the benefits later.

I was introduced to the concept of income reports by this very blog.

Besides being a blogger Patt is speaker, author and hosts an amazingly inspiring podcast.​

​And yes he earns around $100,000 on an average from his blog related businesses.

Figures for the month of May​

  • Total affiliate earnings                                    $89,592.77                             
  • Book Sales                                                     $7,661.09  
  • Speaking Fee                                                 $3520
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast                     $6,503.00
  • Net Profit                                                        $92,667.86

Meet Abby, her blog is called just a girl and her blog. Abby started blogging in 2013 and within a short period of time has converted her blog into a profitable business.

The blog is a place where Abby shares tricks to organise home and life.

Abby is assisted by her husband in her journey and both of them have turned into full time bloggers.

Do read her story in the about me page and get inspired.

​Figures for the month of May​

  • Building a Framework eBook and course                      $9685
  • BookBoss ebook                                                            $7,978
  • Bluehost                                                                         $7,230
  • Total income                                                                  $37,967

​Harsh Aggarwal is a pioneer in Indian blogging scene. He started shoutmeloud after he met with an accident and was bedridden for more than 3 months. 

Since starting his blog Harsh has not looked back within a span of 5 of five years he has grown his income from $400 in initial months to $30000 in the​ most recent report.

Harsh says shout me loud is part of a movement to liberate every human from the 9-6 job.

Do check out shoutmeloud as you will find an answer to most of your blog related queries.​

​Figures for the month of June​

  • Affiliate earnings                                                               $23,535.81
  • E-book sales                                                                      $267.84
  • AdSense                                                                             $466.19
  • Total Income                                                                      $29,659.15

Want to grow your audience and monetize your passion?

Melyssa is here to help. Her blog is for bloggers and internet entrepreneurs.​

A perfect resource for you if you are a blogging entrepreneur.​

Melyssa mentions that she publishes income reports to help other bloggers understand what worked for her and inspire all.​

​Figures for the month of May​

  • E-Course Sales                                                          $45,349
  • Affiliate Commissions                                                 $22,529
  • Ad Revenue                                                                    $235
  • total Income                                                                $68,113

​Lindsay is a passionate foodie a pinch of yum is where you will find all things food. From delicious recipes to mouth watering pictures 🙂

​Formerly a school teacher Lindsay now is a professional blogger.

With help from her husband in the tech and finance department Lindsay ​maintains a beautiful blog which must be visited if you are a foodie like me.

With their first income report published in 2011 ​pinch of yum has come a long way and will surely inspire you like it has many bloggers.

​Figures for the month of May​

  • AdThrive                                                               $26,991.43
  • Tasty Food Photography Workshops                    $10,890
  • How to Monetize Your Food Blog eBook              $465.00
  • Total Income                                                         $57,000 (approx)

Matthew Woodward is multiaward winning business & internet marketing blogger. 

Matthew blogs about affiliate and SEO.

You will find plently of helpful tutorials on Matthew Woodward's site.

Matthew is very transparent when it comes to publishing his income reports.

You can find all his income reports at a single page from 2012 to the present month.

​Figures for the month of June​

  • Traffic Planet Hosting                                     $740.00
  • SERpd affiliate                                               $1,537.36
  • 99centarticles                                                 $201.03
  • Total Income                                                   $19,357.38                   

​Moms make money online. The name suggests it all.

This site ​is a collection of articles tips and tricks for at home moms to earn some money.

​Although the blog has a fairly small community of readers still it publishes its income reports every month

​Figures for the month of March​

  • Adsense                                         $27.11
  • Sharesale affiliate                          $3374.82
  • Total income                                  $4003.63

Yeison Kim like many of us worked a full time once.  He quit for good and started a blog where he shares his insights on blogging and affiliate.

He loves to travel and his blog has given him freedom to do that.

Check the full income report​

​Figures for the month of October(2015)​

  • affiliate income                                $ 6216.2
  • Google Adsense                              $442.58
  • Total income                                     $6652.13

A personal finance and lifestyle blog  making sense of cents helps readers organise finances.

Michelle the author was able to pay of her student loan of $38,000 while blogging.

She left her job as a financial analyst and has been blogging full time since.​

This is an award winning personal finance blog and you should definitely check it out .

Monthly income reports can be found on the website

​Figures for the month of May​

  • Bluehost                                             $41,730.00
  • Survey companies                              $8,275.00
  • Ebates                                                $1,000
  • Total Expenses                                   $69,085   

Jessica's love for food gave birth to

You will find recipes pictures and blogging tips here.

Jessica is certified food and culinary scientist making her a certified foodie.

Jessica and husband Jason have been publishing their income reports since early 2014  and you can see the organic growth in their income by referring to the reports.

​Figures for the month of May​

  • Adsense                             $345.10
  • Sovrn affiliate                      $43.78
  • Total Income                       $1,650.38

fitlifecreate is a fun way to keep yourself fit.

Danielle publishes plans and goal sheets to keep you fit.

It's a colourful blog with an interesting and fun take on fitness.​

​Figures for the month of June​

  • Printable Sales (website)              $2,510.62            
  • Sponsored Content                       $3,590.00
  • Affiliate Revenue                            $16.42
  • Ad Revenue                                   $365.62
  • Total Income                                   $6,938.39

Tammy Kresge's Blog focusses on a healthy lifestyle.

She struggled with weight related issues but overcame them, her blog inspires others who want to shed those extra pounds but are struggling.

Here you will find healthy recipes,exercise tips and meal planners to put on you the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Tammy has been blogging full time since 2013 and shares her experiences and wisdom through her income reports

​Figures for the month of April​

  • Adthrive                                              $5304
  • Amazon Associates                            $1078.80
  • Organize Yourself Skinny Ebook        $1076.73
  • Meal plans                                          $249.25
  • Total Income                                       $9260.31

To describe in a sentence the blog is all about food. 

Kristen a food lover has a good collection of recipes, cookbooks and cooking courses that she wants to share with you.

​Plus she shares monthly income reports and help the readers stay inspired.

​Figures for the month of May​

  • Adthrive                          $1,681.00
  • OhMyBlog course           $584.00
  • Affiliate income               $213.38
  • Total Income                   $2,539.82

Emily Chaelle's blog provides organising solutions for your house and life.

Emily publishes in depth income reports which are useful resources to learn tricks about affiliate marketing and making money from a blog

​Figures for the month of May​

  • Amazon                                                           $208.70
  • Membership and Courses                               $189
  • IZEA Sponsored Posts                                    $320
  • Display ads (The Blogger Network)                 $520.34
  • Display ads (AdThrive)                                    $572.78
  • Total Income                                                    $1934.41

Kayla's blog caters to a unique niche.

She introduces herself as a career and lifestyle blogger​.

Her blog is for millennials and answers and caters to career related topics​.

She has authored  "Corporate Survival Guide For Your Twenties" ​ a book intended to help young people survive their first few years in the workplace.

​Figures for the month of March​

  • Sponsored Work                         $570
  • Clever Girls Sponsored Posts    $625
  • Google Adsense                         $12.04
  • Total Income                               $1,701.25

A site about lifehacks that can you can use everyday.

Blog was founded in April 2015 and currently boasts of a readership of 200,000

monthly readers.​

The blog makes around $1500 monthly and regular income reports are published.​

​Figures for the month of June​

  • Bluehost                                      $455.00
  • Mediavine                                    $596.72
  • Sponsored Work                          $462.00
  • Total Income                                $1,513.72

Will tang's blog is a blogging guide for travell bloggers.

From startup stories to affiliate marketing tips, if you are a travel blogger you can connect to the community at ​

You will also find transparent income reports here 

​Figures for the months of Jan-March​

  • Sponsored Campaign    $957.17
  • Freelance Writing           $900
  • Advertising                     $747.43
  • Affiliate                           $647.89
  • Total income                  $4,149.13

So over this previously called so over debt is a website about managing finances.

Justin guides on you to manage your money better through learnings from his own mistakes.

Plus his income reports are a constant source of motivation for the readers.

​Figures for the months of June​

  • Advertising sales         $22,312
  • Adsense                       $488
  • Total Income                $20,022

Mark Zuckerberg knows this guy, he must be doing something right.

Dale Partridge ​is a speaker, life coach and national bestseller author.

He really is a big deal!!!

​Check out more about Dave and his income reports at

​Figures for the months of June​

  • StartupCamp Course                               $43,431.30
  • Corporate Marketing Consulting              $4,580.00
  • Bluehost                                                   $10,125.00
  • Amazon Affiliate                                       $278.89
  • Total Income                                             $62,065.01 is administred by Mathhew who has been making games for the past 12 years now.

He has been making games for living since 2012

Matthew wants to inspire people to make a living online doing what they love, just like he do.

​Figures for the months of May​

  • HTML5 games        $400
  • Book Sales             $730
  • Consulting              $895
  • Total Income          $2,030

Here was list of 20 bloggers who are gracious enough to publish detailed income reports so that beginners can learn from their mistakes and get inspired to write.

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